NUSDeltares: an open network

NUSDeltares is the strategic knowledge alliance between the National University of Singapore and the Dutch applied research institute Deltares , that aims to bridge the gap between science and society.

Our focus
The vision of NUSDeltares is to enable sustainable development and urban resilience in South-East Asia by bringing together fundamental and applied research. The focus of the alliance is on three interconnected, societal challenges:

The knowledge cycle
Within the Alliance, NUS and Deltares cooperate on the basis of their complementary position in the knowledge cycle. In this cycle, mono-disciplinary research results are combined and integrated to generate cross-disciplinary innovative solutions for societal questions, and societal questions are differentiated back into mono-disciplinary fundamental research questions. NUS is mainly focused on fundamental research, whereas Deltares acts more on the applied side.

Jointly, we cover the complete cycle, and realize both scientific and societal impact.

Primary topics and more
The cooperation within the Alliance is primarily focused on the three challenges mentioned above. The development of the portfolios for these primary topics is directed by our Knowledge Strategy. But the Alliance also enables the cooperation between NUS and Deltares in other areas of expertise, ranging from port development to environmental issues. Some of these activities are shown in our total portfolio.

The structure of the Alliance
The participating research groups form the core of the Alliance. They cooperate in the open network structure that the Alliance offers, and work in flexible partnerships as needed for the issues at hand. The Office of NUSDeltares facilitates the functioning of the Alliance. The Office helps in identifying stakeholder needs, acts as a knowledge broker, connects the research groups, and enables the knowledge cycle to work.
Our Governing Board warrants high-level support for the alliance ensuring a smooth cooperation between the parent organizations NUS and Deltares.

Avisory panel
Societal challenges are complex. There are many perspectives of societal needs: perspectives of multi-national companies, perspectives of people, perspectives of governments, and perspectives of NGOs. Our Advisory Panel provide all these different perspectives to make sure they are properly addressed by our Knowledge Strategy.