11 Apr - 13 Apr 2018, Delft, the Netherlands

Delft3D Flexible Mesh – River modeling course

Time:3 days
Fee:€ 1450 excl. 21% VAT

During this three-day course, we will address key functionalities such as: 2D river hydraulics, 1D river hydraulics, river induced flooding, river morphodynamics, and using Real-Time Control and Python scripting.

This river modelling course is intended for Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM), Delft3D 4 and SOBEK 2 users.
Delft3D FM is the next generation simulation software package for evaluating and forecasting hydraulic functioning of rivers under normal, extreme and exceptional conditions, and the successor of Delft3D 4 and SOBEK 2.

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