12 Sep - 13 Sep 2019, Park Avenue Hotel Rochester, Singapore

Singapore Center on Urban Resilience (SeCURE), International Scoping Workshop

Time:9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

On September 12 and 13, 2019 an international workshop will be conducted in Singapore to better understand the ongoing global and regional efforts on urban resilience, including known risks, available tools and data and resilience frameworks.

Singapore Centre on Urban Resilience (SeCURE) is an initiative by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Deltares, the Dutch applied research institute in the field of water and the subsurface, to create the Singapore Centre on Urban Resilience with the aim to contribute to solving climate change induced urban resilience challenges for Singapore and other SE Asian and Pacific Cities. SeCURE will focus on the research and integration of resilient systems, the development of methods and tools, and the delivery of services that enable a quantitative optimization of resilience measures, strategies and investments.

SeCURE will work on crosscutting urban resilience issues like:

  • Understanding and quantifying urban system dynamics, their responses and their interactions, using new technologies in resilience building;
  • Understanding and quantifying stresses and shocks, initially focused on climate change, later to be extended; and
  • Identification of practical, cost-effective solutions and strategies, their integral cost and societal and financial return.

SeCURE proposes to develop and adopt an integrated systems design thinking and a solution-based methodology to solve complex problems by:

  •  Applying an integrated and multidisciplinary city systems approach;
  •  Addressing inclusiveness, including aspects such as equity and stakeholder inlvovlement;
  •  Adopting a quantitative approach to decision making, using models and emerging technologies (AI, Big Data etc.); and
  •  Providing physical city-specific solutions (strategies and measures) and investment optimization to improve resilience.

The SeCURE Preparatory Workshop is organized and led by the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (NUS) in collaboration with Deltares and is supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore. The preparatory workshop will provide a platform to discuss and share ideas on integrated urban resilience, including risks, available tools and data, and existing resilience frameworks with participants from international organizations, leaders in public and private sectors and leading experts in academia. The aim is to improve understanding of the challenges, methods and tools, limitations and knowledge gaps to be addressed, and of the systems integration to improve urban resilience in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. The workshop also aims to develop a strong network and international partnerships between public and private institutions to cover the entire multidisciplinary field of urban resilience.

For more information, download the workshop programflyer, watch the movie or send an email to akiaapm@nus.edu.sg