4 April 2016

NUSDeltares participates in Singapore and Rotterdam Port Authorities roundtable on 2nd March 2016

NUSDeltares gave a presentation on “design and concept of green port and building with nature” during the roundtable.

In 2015, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)and Port of Rotterdam (PoR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to exchange information and promote research and development. The MOU covers topics amongst others LNG bunkering, sustainable shipping, port optimisation & innovation and maritime infrastructure. In this spirit, a roundtable hosted by Andrew Tan (CEO of MPA), was organized by the Netherlands Embassy on 2nd of March 2016, where relevant Dutch companies and knowledge institutes were invited to share their orgainsation’s experience and views on port related topics.

NUSDeltares was invited to present on the topic on “design and concept of green port and building with nature”.  Dr. De Jong (Expert Advisor Ports, Deltares) presented on behalf of the Alliance, where he gave a good overview of the past experience related to sustainable green ports based on some examples of the contributions to Rotterdam port Maasvlakte 2, which were very well-received.

The meeting was attended by around 50 people, including Netherlands Ambassador Jacques Werner, Allard Castelein (CEO PoR), representatives from NUS, NTU. NUSDeltares was also represented by Acting Director Ms. Lydia Lim.

Photo credit: MPA

For more information for this event, please click: Research and innovation for port of the future