26 September 2016

NUSDeltares participates in Sustainable built environment conference on 5th to 6th September 2016 organized by Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore

NUSDeltares was invited by BCA to give a presentation on the topic “Incorporating effects of oblique waves in the design of coastal protection structures under sea level rise” under the coastal protection track.


Dr Marcel R.A van Gent (Head of Department Coastal Structures & Waves, Deltares) presented on behalf of the alliance, where he gave a good overview on the current design of sea defences and their need to be reassessed due to the effect of climate change resulting in the sea level rise and wave climate change.

He also highlighted the possibility of over-conservatism in the design of existing coastal structures and the need for them to be re-evaluated to account for the effects that were not taken into consideration in the design stage. With the new estimates of the hydraulic boundary condition which includes the effect of climate change and the effect of wave obliquity, improvements can be made using new technical solutions to lower the amount of wave overtopping without necessarily increasing the crest level and affecting the land use behind the crest.

The innovative ideas presented were well-received by the audience and sparked further discussions with the participants of coastal engineering community, amongst whom were representatives from various government agencies, engineering industry and research institutions who attended the conference.