15 March 2016

Research and innovation for port of the future

Sustainable development and a new strategy for the port of Singapore were discussed at the round-table meeting attended by, among others, the Rotterdam Port Authority and Singapore, the Dutch Embassy and Deltares. The presentation by Martijn de Jong, a port expert at Deltares, about green ports, nature-based solutions and natural measures in land reclamation linked up well with Singapore's sustainable port ambitions.

Efficiency, intelligence, safety and sustainability

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s largest and most important port. It aims to improve its competitive position on the basis of its ‘Next Generation Port 2030’ plan. The focus is on encouraging new technologies and investing in infrastructure. The port of Singapore wants to excel in efficiency, intelligence, safety and sustainability. Singapore is looking to other major global ports, such as the port of Rotterdam, to learn about the construction and design of the plan. Sustainability is also high on the agenda at the port of Rotterdam. Both ports are transit ports and important hubs in the local regions.

The Singapore Port Authority and Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a cooperation agreement in 2015 to share knowledge in the field of harbour services, LNG supplies, sustainable shipping and port optimization.

Martijn de Jong presented the Deltares’ research and innovations for the port of the future

Working with the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, the two ports organised a round-table meeting, inviting a range of organisations from the Netherlands and Singapore to share their knowledge and visions of the future.

Deltares en NUSDeltares attended and they presented their research and innovations for the port of the future. The different organisations are looking at how to follow up on the meeting and move ahead with the development of the ‘Next Generation Port 2030’ plan.

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