24 February 2016

Seminar-Sustainable Groundwater Management Techniques and Research

As part of NUSDeltares’s knowledge-sharing initiatives, the Alliance was honored to have invited Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoogendoorn, head of the department of Applied Geology and Geophysics at Deltares (Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Prof. Christine Shoemaker (Distinguished Professor from NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering) to present on the topic of “Sustainable groundwater management techniques and research” on February 3rd, 2016.

Overview of the Talk

The seminar was held at Block E1-06-04, NUS Faculty of Engineering. It was very well attended by many of NUS staff and students (from School of Civil and Environmental Engineering mainly) as well as industry partners including PUB and HDB.

The seminar started with a brief introduction by NUSDeltares Associate Director Lydia Lim. After the introduction, she passed the presentation to the first speaker Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoogendoor.                                                          8

During his talk, Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoogendoor shared his experience in topics related to Applied Geology and Geophysics. At applied research institute Deltares (The Netherlands), groundwater studies are an important part of the portfolio of applied research and specialized consultancy for many years. He also introduced the software developed for urban water supply with some project showcases.


Following Bob’s presentation, Prof. Shoemaker gave a talk on Analyzing Large Scale Nonconvex Subsurface Simulation Models with Efficient Surrogate Methods for Global Optimization and Parallel HPC Applications. The optimisation methodologies and algorithms can be applied to groundwater management tools, amongst others. In National University of Singapore (NUS, Civil & Environmental Engineering), more fundamental and in-depth research has been conducted with respect to optimization methodologies and algorithms.

The seminar ended with light refreshments and participants networking with each other.

About the Speakers

BobDr Robert (Bob) Hoogendoorn is head of the department of Applied Geology and Geophysics at Deltares (Utrecht, The Netherlands). He published most of his work on Deltas and sea level change and started to develop applications of 3D geological models for geotechnical and hydrological purposes. He was the initiator of the project Spiegelzee (2007), a public campaign in which effects of sea level change on the Dutch coast was explained in a pavilion on the beach of Katwijk. In 2010 Bob moved to Deltares, where he leads the Department of Applied Geology and Geophysics.

Prof. Shoemaker received her PhD in Mathematics. Shoemaker is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering.  She is also Fellow in the following organizations: SIAM (Applied Mathematics), INFORMS (Operations Research), and AGU (Geophysics) and Distinguished Member of ASCE (Civil Engineering).   Shoemaker’s algorithms address local and global, continuous and integer optimization, dynamic programming, and uncertainty quantification problems. Her applications areas include groundwater remediation, carbon sequestration, hydropower, and calibration of global climate and watershed models. Shoemaker was Joseph P. Ripley Professor in the Civil and Environmental and the Operations Research and Information Engineering Schools at Cornell University before joining the NUS faculty in September 201