2 April 2016

Smart Approaches to Global Partnerships for Tackling Effects of the Climate Change

By Mr. Henk Ovink and Mr. Jaap Kwadijk

Interviewed by Delta-life Magazine, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands Henk Ovink and Scientist Jaap Kwadijk (Director of Science Deltares and Professor of Climate and Water Management at University of Twente) shared their opinions about smart approaches to global partnerships for tackling effects of the climate change.

“If you manage water properly, you can create prosperity and equality.”-Mr. Henk Ovink

As top civil servant, Mr.Henk Ovink believed the right scientific knowledge helps the world to set priorities to challenges confronted. It is important to export and connect the knowledge and expertise instead of simply providing the solutions. Through working together and innovative solutions where different interests meet, the world can change.

“We should be taking a close look at what gives us most safety for our dollars. ”-Mr. Jaap Kwadijk

Jaap Kwadijk had a scientific view toward the flooding problems. He clung on to the idea that it is not entirely possible to prevent the flooding but this challenge can be made manageable. In order to make it, The Netherlands is about to tackle the flood risk management in a new approach: study the impact of flooding on a society and an economy, and the cost of doing it. The clarification of costs and benefits helps make better debate and smarter choices.

To view the full opinion article, please click the link:  Mr.Jaap Kwadijk and Mr.Henk Oving in Delta Life Magazine