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Sharon Tatman

As head of the department Information, Resilience and Planning, Sharon Tatman is responsible for the operational and strategic management of a team of 35 scientists and engineers. Her daily activities include project acquisition and proposal writing and reviewing, project management, contract management and negotiations, customer liaison and business development, financial management of the department, general team management and HRM.

Furthermore, she is responsible for the longer-term, strategic development of coastal management related activities at Deltares, which include (international) business development and knowledge development in the field of marine and coastal science-policy and planning interaction (leading to products and services such as Integrated Coastal Zone Management, regional Master Planning, multi-hazard vulnerability and risk assessments, policy development in relation to global agendas such as climate change and urbanization, stakeholder engagement, etc.).

At Deltares corporate level she is involved in broader business development, for example as a member of the Urban Resilience team.

She is also the country manager for Singapore and in that role responsible for liaising between Deltares’ Singapore office, customers and relations in Singapore, and the home office in the Netherlands.

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