Green adaptation and Building-with-Nature

Green adaptation strategies and Building-with-Nature approaches make use of natural processes and ecosystem services to ensure safety, human well-being, economic development and natural quality in urbanizing areas through multifunctional use of space.

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The Challenge
Increasing demand on space in urbanizing areas, combined with external threats such as climate change, accelerated sea level rise and land subsidence, ask for new multi-functional approaches in water management. Healthy ecosystems and good water quality are crucial for economic activities and guarantee a good quality of living. The challenge is to incorporate ecosystem functions right from the start and to develop multi-purpose engineering designs. This requires a new way of thinking.

Green Adaptation strategies
Green Adaptation strategies make effective use of ecosystem functions and services to adapt to the effects of climate change. Green Adaptation seeks a balance between traditional civil engineering approaches and nature based solutions, in order to optimally use ecosystem services and functions for the benefit of safety, freshwater availability and food security.
Nature-based solutions can significantly contribute to adaptation strategies, by reducing vulnerability, increasing resilience, moderating the risk of climate impacts on lives and livelihoods, and taking advantage of opportunities posed by projected climate changes. The approaches embed natural functions (flow reduction, water retention, purification, wave attenuation) and services (freshwater, biodiversity, fisheries) in land and water use planning.

Building-with-Nature as a solution
The Building-with-Nature approach enables the development of multi-purpose solutions in urbanizing areas by making use of natural processes. Building-with-Nature focuses on cost-effective approaches that avoid or reduce space conflicts by optimally combining different functions, like safety and nature.

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