1 Jun 2006 - 31 Dec 2010

Modelling and Operational Management of Marina Reservoir

The Marina Reservoir has been created through the impoundment of Marina Bay in the heart of Singapore’s business district to increase water supply, as well as provide flood control and

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    Urban water management

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    Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB)

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To determine the future water quality state of the Reservoir, provide insights into key water quality processes and steer management options, a fully integrated and comprehensive water quality modelling and operational management framework was developed.

Water Quality Modelling Framework
A fully integrated and very comprehensive 1D-3D water quality modelling framework has been set-up, calibrated and validated and was used to assess the future water quality and the effectiveness of various mitigating measures. This modelling framework included:
• Rainfall run-off to the various sub-catchments of Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoirs and Marina Reservoir (hydrological model HYMOS);
• The conveyance of water through the drains, canals and rivers (1 D hydraulic model SOBEK);
• Emissions from point and non-point sources (emission model);
• Transport, water and sediment quality for the three reservoir systems (3D water and sediment quality model Delft3D); and
• Realtime control operation of the barrage (integral part of the coupled 1D-3D model).

Operational Water Quality Management Plan
The Operational Water Quality Management Plan addresses and prioritizes the most practical and effective strategies and operational options for the management of the water quality of Marina Reservoir. This means that in addition to the various measures to prevent possible problems to occur curative measures are considered to mitigate these problems if they occur.

Operational management system (OMS)
An operational management system (OMS) was developed to support day-to-day decision-making based upon continuous rainfall forecasting,water quantity and quality monitoring and water quality model forecasting.