Land subsidence, causes, impacts and adaptive measures

Land subsidence is a problem, with immense socio-economic impacts, especially in coastal areas and urbanized deltas. Subsidence results in increased flood vulnerability, changing groundwater levels, salt water intrusion and reduced crop yields. Moreover, damage to roads, subsurface infrastructure and buildings are some of the results of subsidence in urban areas. The total damage worldwide is estimated at billions of dollars. Subsidence is an issue that involves many policy fields and therefore requires an integrated approach.

Although the impact of subsidence is receiving more attention, more effort is needed to raise awareness, to gain insight into the driving forces and to identify possible coping strategies and measures. Deltares offers an integrated, cost-efficient approach to deal with the issues of subsidence in order to enhance the resilience and sustainable development of deltas, coastal areas and river basins. We develop new concepts for subsidence reduction as well as adaptive strategies and solutions for subsidence reversal, based on an assessment framework addressing several stages in the process of subsidence.


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