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    High density living

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    Singapore Agencies and Boards

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NUSDeltares has undertaken various studies and projects for Singapore Agencies and Boards, including PUB, HDB, NEA, NParks, BCA and more. These projects relate, amongst others, to

  • urban water management,
  • flood prediction,
  • identification and management of surface- and groundwater resources,
  • operational water quality management,
  • land reclamation and other methods to create new land,
  • multi-functional use of space in an urban environment,
  • information systems for coastal water quality,
  • environmental guidelines,
  • climate adaptation,
  • ‘building-with-nature’ approaches
  • development of model-systems for the numerical simulation of hydrodynamics, water quality, morphology and ecology of the Singapore waters.

In all these projects, innovative approaches and solutions have been developed. They are always based on a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the Singapore subsoil- and water systems, be it autonomous or evoked by external pressures like human interventions or climate change. Knowledge of the underlying processes and their interactions is a key factor in this.
Of some of these projects, a more detailed description can also be found in our project portfolio.