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Reservoirs are among the largest human interventions on earth. Worldwide the number of dams is staggering and still increasing. Approximately half of these dams create reservoirs for irrigation purposes, the other half have reservoirs for hydropower generation, flood control and water supply, either as single-purpose or in combination. With electricity and freshwater demand still growing, storage reservoirs are an indispensable component in the sustainable development of many countries.

Dams and storage reservoirs for hydropower and other purposes affect the amount, timing and quality of the water available to other users in a river basin. Therefore the planning of new reservoirs requires the assessment of current and future water use and availability at the river basin scale. We have a strong record in river basin planning and national water resources planning in which hydropower, irrigation and multi-purpose reservoirs featured prominently.

Reservoir Indonesia

In the SE Asia region we have been involved in a large number of projects. Some examples:

  • Water Quality Modelling and¬†Operational Water Quality Forecasting in Marina Reservoir (Singapore)
  • Water Resources Study for six rivers on West-Java (Indonesia)
  • Mekong Basin Development Plan project (Mekong countries)

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