Deltares Research on Ecosystems and Environmental Quality

  • Topic

    Climate adaptation,
    High density living,
    Urban water management

  • Location

    Delft - The Netherlands

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    Tom Schilperoort

Pressure on ecosystems and the environment is increasing as the population and the economy grow. There is growing demand to exploit ecosystem services, and at the same there is a growing awareness that subsoil- and water quality should be protected and improved.  To find optimal solutions, this Research Programme concentrates on the following issues:

Understanding system dynamics: from river basin to coastal zone

  • Soft sediment dynamics: physical, chemical and biological processes
  • Chemical and biological processes at ecosystem interfaces
  • (Eco)morphodynamics
  • Large scale transport and fate of substances
  • Assessment of ecosystem functioning and -services

Ecosystem Modeling & Monitoring

  • Real time information tools
  • Models and information systems
  • Next Generation Sensors and Monitoring Techniques
  • Monitoring strategies and Data Management

Nature-based Flood Defense

  • Quantifying and predicting flood risk reduction properties
  • Long-term stability in terms of flood defense criteria
  • Nature-based flood defense strategies
  • Life-cycle governance

Solutions for impacted environments and degraded ecosystems

  • Mitigation of impacts in agricultural areas
  • Improvement of urban area livability
  • Restoration of degraded industrial areas
  • Enhancement of ecological values
  • Environmental Governance and Policy Support


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