Climate adaptation

Climate change has profound implications for communities around the globe.

Adaptation strategies that may appear obvious under present climate conditions could become irrelevant if these conditions change. There are numerous uncertainties involved, and with them, risks of over- or under-investing. It is essential to minimise these risks. It is therefore crucial to be able to predict climate related impacts, to understand and reduce uncertainties, and to develop cost-effective strategies to minimize these risks.

High density coastal areas are particularly vulnerable. Rapid urbanization has increased both the economic and societal value of these areas. Drought, heat and flooding can have a major impact on the economy, environment and public health. NUSDeltares works on developing integrated, cost-effective long-term strategies to adapt to these changes and enable further development of resilient coastal regions.
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Opinion articles

There are many opinions about how to deal with the challenges of Climate Adaptation, High Density Living and Urban Water Management.

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