High density living

As urban populations grow, so does the need for the creation of new space and the more efficient use of existing space

The modern high density city is now home to millions of people worldwide. The inevitable trend of urbananization created highly dense cities and has confronted us with increasing challenges to improve the quality of our living environment. Heavily urbanized cities bring along a host of problems such as overcrowding in poorly designed high density dwellings, traffic congestion, urban pollution and poor public hygiene, heat island effect, inadequate open spaces, planning and inadequate water management all affecting the functionality of the modern city space.
NUSDeltares helps create masterplans with multifunctional and green infrastructure that provide sustainable and regenerative solutions to urban challenges.

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Opinion articles

There are many opinions about how to deal with the challenges of Climate Adaptation, High Density Living and Urban Water Management. We regularly post views and opinions of though leaders here, sometimes written on our invitation and sometimes cited from other sources.

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