Urban water management

Water is a defining element in cities

The challenges in urban water management we are facing are large. Strong urbanization and changing climatic conditions put stress on urban water supply in many cities. The available water resources are under increasing pressure. The demand for precious space to store water is growing, both to prevent urban flooding in times of heavy rainfall and as strategic storage capacity in times of drought. Merely managing water is not enough; new ideas and approaches are required to fulfill all water demands and requirements now and in the future, in order to provide a high-quality living environment.

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Opinion articles

There are many opinions about how to deal with the challenges of Climate Adaptation, High Density Living and Urban Water Management. We regularly post views and opinions of though leaders here, sometimes written on our invitation and sometimes cited from other sources.

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Whether it is fundamental research or specialist consultancy, all activities of the Alliance are related to state-of-the-art knowledge. Most of them are worth to be published. That holds for scientific achievements as well as for their first innovative applications.

A selection of topic-related publications by researchers of NUS and Deltares is presented here.

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