Data, Models and Information Systems

Data, models and expert knowledge are important sources of information about the actual and expected state of water- and soil systems. In our integrated information platforms we combine them. This results in the best possible information, at the desired aggregation levels and time frames. Supported by this information, decisions about the planning and operational management of water and soil resources can be optimized, and the understanding of their behavior improved.

For the development of our information systems  we use  concepts and techniques from data science and hydro-informatics.


data science


This development is facilitated by the Deltares iD-Lab, our Interactive data research laboratory.
It can be used for
(1) real-time response and disaster management
(2) training, exercises and education
(3) collaborative research
(4) visualisation and education.

If you need to make important decisions quickly on the basis of large amounts of data, for example in an emergency situation, it is important to present the right data quickly.

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